Perivoli Innovations is a venture investment Trust established in 2016 by the Perivoli Trust.

It donates profits to the Perivoli Foundation, a UK Charity, whose principal focus is Africa.


Perivoli Innovations invests in early stage venture opportunities presented by the commercialisation of medical, life science, climate science, digital and productivity enhancing technologies.

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Our investments are required to have a positive social impact. We focus on these four areas.

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As at mid 2022 Perivoli Innovations had made 67 investments starting in mid 2016. Subscriptions have been made in over 180 funding rounds, some of these into down rounds, with the Trustee generally willing to follow-on.

Of the 67, three have already exited returning 4x over a four year holding period on average with the proceeds reinvested. Seven have been written down to zero. They say the lemons fall before the plums.

The surviving portfolio of 60 names is showing an overall return of 1.5x with seven of the earlier names having pushed through USD 100 million valuations and several of the recent additions showing promise. It is impossible to know from one day to the next what will come to pass but we are hopeful that there will be more than enough to fund the Perivoli Foundation’s ambitions.

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The key purpose of Perivoli Innovations is to support the Perivoli Foundation, whose main focus is Africa.

The Foundation supports the Perivoli Schools Trust, which runs a training program for nursery school teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa; the Perivoli Climate Trust, which supports not-for-profit climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives; and the Perivoli Africa Research Centre at the University of Bristol (PARC). In addition, the Foundation supports a number of founder-led charities.

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