We favour early stage businesses in asset classes which tend in their nature to be capital starved in their formative years in the belief that these will ultimately generate the highest returns.

In particular we seek investment opportunities in businesses that:


Have the potential to make a significant difference to a very large number of people


Think hard about product market fit


Are led by highly motivated, extremely capable, flexibly minded individuals


Treat Governance and fair treatment of all investors as a priority


Are willing to communicate openly and transparently with investors


Select an aligned investor base that is not necessarily rushing for an early exit


Are not yet known to the main stream venture investment community


Can visualise a route to a profitable exit in due course


Our approach to risk is through diversification and so have selected four categories of opportunity which have low correlation one to another:

  • Spin-outs from the research departments of UK Universities mostly in the medical technology and life science sectors;
  • Early stage businesses in Africa that seek to use the power of the digital wallet to formalise informal markets;
  • Software as a service (SaaS) businesses that drive productivity growth;
  • Climate-tech businesses that focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation.”

Perivoli Innovations has been funded by the Perivoli Trust and has no third party investors. It allocates divestment proceeds, other than those gifted to the Perivoli Foundation, to future investment opportunities.


Perivoli Innovations does not charge subscription fees, legal fees, annual supervision fees or any other fees to its investee companies.


Investment decisions are taken by the Trustees of Perivoli Innovation with advice provided by Alexandroff & McCorkell Advisory Services LLP (AMAS). Other than its principals, AMAS has no employees and so recommendations can be made swiftly.